Live a Healthier Life with ASEA REDOX - Ordering Information

Wholesale Pricing with $40 Associate Kit or Monthly Autoship

Powerful Cellular Messengers

One case lasts 1 month at 2 oz twice a day

ASEA Redox: $130 / case
One case = four 32 oz bottles

90 Day Results Tracker

Designed to Work with Redox

30 Day Supply
ASEA VIA Omega: $45
ASEA VIA Source: $55 
ASEA VIA Lifemax: $70
ASEA VIA Biome: $50
Source, LifeMax, & Biome: $145

Skin Care System with the Right Ingredients

RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser: $20.00 
One tube of RENU 28: $40.00 
RENU Advanced Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer: $60.00
RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum: $80.00
RENU Advanced Skin & Body Kit
(Cleanser, Moisturizer, Serum, 2 tubes RENU 28): $190.00  

Train Better Like our Elite Athletes

8 oz per Pounch
8-Pouch ASEA Redox Supplement: $72.50 

Factory Direct Ordering Options

  • Preferred Customer: Automatic monthly shipments at wholesale prices.  
  • Associate: Automatic monthly shipments at wholesale prices.  Also, earn free products, earn commissions, and receive income ($40 Enrollment Kit).
  • Retail Customer: One-time orders of the products at retail prices.

Authorized Associates provide education and support

Money Back Guarantee

100% money back guarantee for 30 days, if you buy direct from the factory.  You get wholesale prices as a Preferred Customer or Associate with autoship, and you can collect points for free product. 

Patented Technology

The Redox Cell-Signaling technology is patented and only available from ASEA.

Native Cellular Communication

Reach out to learn more about how ASEA REDOX will help you

Education & Support

Direct from Factory