What Kind of Results are Possible?

We have a closed group with 80,000 members on Facebook. Facebook uses real identities, and the comments are not moderated.

You won’t find skepticism and disbelief. They all start that way or at least with reserved judgement. You won’t find them holding back in any way. The community has been converted to true believers one person at a time through their own personal experience with the product. It is obvious if you skim the comments. Search for anything.

We have doctors, elite athletes, media, scientific third-party testing, massive amounts of government research, and thousands of customer stories you won’t believe. There are so many, and they are so detailed. There is video, audio, pictures, long write-ups, real identities on Facebook, unmoderated comments, etc. They are even willing to give up their health privacy, because they feel so powerfully that the world needs to know.

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